Hearthlands - Take the role of a King in this Medieval RTS

For those of you who remember Beasts n' Bumpkins as you focus on village management while helping your little villages to survive, you might want to check out Hearthlands; the latest indie development that features city building through an RTS genre. It is a game with simple mechanics as you do not control your subjects directly but challenging in the aspect of management as you focus on city building, resource management, diplomacy, heroes and other aspects that is typical of the daily life of a King. Even though the game looks nice and interesting, Hearthlands is still work in progress and a final build release date has yet to be decided.

Current version 0.2.0 old alpha video

Implemented features

- Build a medieval city
- Keep your people happy by providing them with necessary resources
- Gather resources and build industries
- See reports and tune up your economy

Planned features

- Maintain relationships with AI rulers
- Trade with your allies
- Build an army and conquer your opponents
- Expand your kingdom by establishing colonies
- Explore the map, fight monsters, find artifacts and complete quest
- Hire powerful heroes and level them up
- Worship gods and get their blessings (or feel their wrath)
- Build mega-constructions
- Magic!

PC, Mac, Linux

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