Pinstripe - Atmospheric Puzzle adventure looks for Greenlight votes

It's probably my maturity as a gamer but I have a real soft spot for atmospheric adventure games, and Thomas Brush AKA Atmos Games is delivering that in spades with Pinstripe, an adventure, platform, puzzler with artwork 3 years in the making and a look and feel just oozing class.

The premise is that your character has died and you are now exploring the afterlife in search of your wife, presumably to rescue her from an eternity in purgatory, and what follows is an exploration of a beautiful yet slightly surreal "Hell". 

The gameplay appears to be keyboard/joypad driven with mouse aiming for shooting your blunderbuss gun, solving tricky logic puzzles on the way.

To me, the art style is a thing of beauty and the backdrops feel very reminiscent of Shadow of the Beast, with the claustrophobic underground sections feeling a lot like Limbo. 

Thomas says the game is around 90% complete and from the trailer video, that seems about right. hopefully the final 10% won't take 90% of his efforts!

Pinstripe will be launched on iOS, PC, MacOS and Linux soon.

This is a must for any atmospheric adventure platforming puzzle fans out there (if you liked Braid, then get supporting!) so go give your support on the: Steam Greenlight Page

Thomas's other games Coma and Skinny can be found on the Homepage:
Facebook Page
IndieDB Page
Youtube Channel


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