Rocket Ranger Reloaded - Cinemaware announces the next Kickstarter remaster!

Hot off the press, we've just been informed via the Cinemaware press spread that the next Kickstarter is soon to appear and it's none other than another hit game; "Rocket Ranger", or as Cinemaware are now calling it "Rocket Ranger Reloaded". First released in 1988 for a multitude of systems including the Amiga, Rocket Ranger drew it's inspirations from Hollywood B-movies and included a hero against the Nazi's and a damsel in distress.  Using a rocket pack and a radium pistol, the player had to fly around the world fighting the escalating Nazi technology, with a number of different genre style games included.

Cinemaware, the company behind well-known titles such as Defender of the Crown®, Wings!™ and It Came From The Desert™, is proud to announce the upcoming launch of a crowdfunding campaign for Rocket Ranger Reloaded. 
Col. Leermeister, spokesperson for Cinemaware said: “Rocket Ranger Reloaded will see the fan-favorite hero return in a fresh new take on the classic videogame originally released in 1988. It will feature exciting new gameplay sequences, a much deeper storyline, a larger strategic element and of course beautifully stylized graphics that bring the 1930s and 40s to life,…and I will still be kidnapping Dr. Barnstorff and his beautiful daughter!” 
Cinemaware is asking all interested fans to sign up at the game’s dedicated page to ensure they get the latest news and campaign details. Fight the future at:
Rocket Ranger Reloaded is planned to be developed for Windows PC, Apple Macintosh, Apple iOS, Android and several console platforms, with Sound of Games once again collaborating with Cinemaware to produce the game’s orchestral soundtrack. Further information on the project will be released over the coming days.

I for one am looking forward to this as I'm still hunting for an original Amiga release, although my only disappointment was not having a remastered It came from the desert, perhaps they are saving the best till last?


  1. Great news, Rocket Ranger is indeed amazing in many ways! It Came From The Desert is a massive project and they are wise to gain experience before venturing into such an important remake.

  2. Well said... On that note, if It Came From The Desert did come out as a remastered version, I'll probably collapse in excitement

  3. On a side note, if you happen to have the original full Amiga ICFTD soundtrack (modules or any format) I'd be more than happy and grateful to grab it! The currently available rip is half-broken (the Ice and Hospital tunes for example). Same problem with Antheads rip.

  4. I can't promise, but I'll see what I can do :)


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