Slain! - Gorish platformer gets a teaser trailer

There are certain games out there that just look so good you would want to play it right now, even in such an early stage of development. So here we are with Slain! by Wolfbrew Games which is one of those games. It is both an action side scrolling platformer and an ascending tower based action puzzler. Yet what really appealed to me is the fact that not only is it full of blood and sword chopping gore, but the 16bit style graphics are very nice indeed.

Throughout this grim world of wind swept landscapes, heavy rain and blood dripping walls, you play a hero who fights to free a land that is controlled by seven towers, he must find each tower and slay the lost soul within. Played across two different levels, you'll be slaying many beasts each with a unique graphical design that when killed splatter into lovely gory giblets. But that is not all you'll have to contend with, as some of the traps are very deadly and will kill you outright. Be warned though, the death scenes are very very bloody, it's as if Moonstone was mashed up with Doom, it's that gory!

Thankfully if you are careful, many of the traps can be avoided and many of the beasts and bosses slain by your sword or using the ability to change into a wolf beast.

Slain! Which is a recent rename from "The 7 towers" is very high on my list of most wanted games, it has the action, the gore, the gameplay and it will make you think before your next move. Due for PC, Web and DS with a release date of TBD.

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