The New 8-bit Heroes - A NES Game Kickstarter success!

Usually we focus on Kickstarters that have many days to go and still pushing for a lot of funding, yet The New 8-bit Heroes project by Joe Granato has already smashed it's Kickstarter goal with 38hrs to go. Another uniqueness to the design behind this game is the fact that not only is it an 8-bit game for the NES but also a documentary about it's creation. The homebrew scene for 8-bit systems certainly has it's fanbase, so why shouldn't the NES be any different?

The development behind the game isn't an idea that he has just thought about, especially when at just 7 years old in 1987, the designer's life was pretty much all Nintendo and game creation was already in the young child's mind.
"In the spring of 1987, a childhood friend and I painstakingly 'designed' a game called Mystic Searches. We designed everything from the manuals to the storyline to the concept art to map layouts and even music and sound effects (recorded with a crappy tape recorder and cheap casio keyboard).  We sent Nintendo of America a letter asking them to send us, and I quote, "all the stuff to make our game". We waited all summer for the delivery truck to roll up with our 'space age computers', certain we'd intrinsically know how to use them. We were crushed when all we got was a form letter. The designs for that 8-bit world were lost to time. We grew up". Fast forward 25 years.  While visiting my parents, I accidentally stumbled upon a weather- worn cardboard box in their toolshed.  It was mostly destroyed, but inside were trace remnants of those 25 year old designs
So with age and skill, the developer set out to finally produce his own game with help from a published fantasy novelist, an accomplished illustrator, a cartoonist and a film score composer, thus The New 8-bit Heroes was born. But there's something very special about this game as the developer has gone one step further and most likely another reason for it's success.

The NES cartridge will be unique, playable in both a NES and house a more modern game on flash that is accessible via a usb cable. Through the unlocking of secrets and achievements in that great 8bit machine, it will change the world of the modern game playable on the PC or MAC. What an incredible idea! To think in my day, I was drawing dragons and beasties and trying to imagine a game of my own, yet now I write about them.

I for one cannot wait to see this game in final production, even though I don't have an NES my brother does, the idea behind The New 8-bit Heroes is just fantastic, it has that golden day charm with new modern ideas, if only I had followed my game creation dreams!

The new 8-bit game for the NES and a documentary about its creation, and tutorials to help others will hopefully be released in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the NES console's release...Which would be one year from the day of the end of the Kickstarter!

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