Shadow of the Beast Legacy - Slightly optimized VRAM use update for a remade classic!

Back by popular demand is the latest update to a highly recommended system port remake of Shadow of the Beast 1-3. Originally published by Psygnosis in 1989-1990 Shadow of the Beast was a side scrolling platformer and featured not just revolutionary graphics but an atmospheric score by David Whittaker! Even now I sit listening to the music during the main menu and look back to a golden age of gaming. But enough about that, the latest release of Shadow of the Beast Legacy by darkfalzx' for a multitude of systems has had another update!

Available for PC, Mac, Linux, Android and Ouya, the developer has updated to a more compatible mode by running !CompMode.bat, Slightly optimized VRAM use and fixes to SOTB3 relating to a crash and the bird cage.

The down side to all this is currently the remake is unpublishable and the developer may hold back development unless he receives donations to help him further push the project. But the good news is he may well be doing a Legacy Pack with the next one containing the two Barbarian games and Obliterator.
It is un-publishable because Sony holds the rights and appear to be un-interested. I fully intend to complete the trilogy. What's more - I intend to make this a "Psygnosis Legacy Pack1", with the next one containing the two Barbarian games and Obliterator.
SOTB1 - 100% - the game is done, but still requires testing and tweaks. Might add extras to it at a later date.
SOTB 2 - 15% Can run around Karamoon. There are some generic enemies and some unfinished puzzle elements, but not much else.
SOTB 3 - 65% Level 1 and 2 are in, as well as the tilemap and parallax of Level 3.
Windows build ( If you get an xinput1_3.dll not found error, delete the xinput1_3.dll file from the game directory and try again! For those of you who have problems running this version, use the !CompMode.bat )
Ouya console build
General Android build (The touch-screen controls are invisible, and incomplete)
Ubuntu Linux build
Mac build ATTENTION MAC USERS! By default your machine might suggest that the file is "damaged and should be put in the trash", this is due to your security settings. . Go to your System Preferences>Security & Privacy>General tab. Click the lock icon in the lower-left. This will prompt you to enter password. Now - change the "Allow apps downloaded from:" to Anywhere. Run my game once. Now you can change your security settings back to the way they were.

Instructions : If you wish to select a different game in the series, scroll through the games using the arrow keys when the Shadow of the Beast screen is shown. Please note that only Shadow of the Beast 1 is completable.

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