#CPCRetroDev - Amstrad CPC Game Creation Contest

We haven't featured an Amstrad CPC homebrew title in ages, so instead of featuring one, we are going to feature lots of brand new retro releases from the #CPCRetroDev - Amstrad CPC Game Creation Contest. In all 16 games were submitted to the Spanish contest from shooters to puzzle games, and the three main winners were : Super Retro Robot Rampage, Orc's Dungeon and The Legend of CPCerdo.

All of the games can be viewed through the website, however as of yet we haven't been able to find a download link. So if you find one, please let us know.


  1. Francisco Gallego25 November 2014 at 21:24

    Hi Retrofriends!

    We have not started sharing the actual games, but we will start shortly! We are going to publish the games one by one, with descriptions and details from their developers about the development process (and with source code also!). Information will be mainly in Spanish (as most of the developers were from Spain), but we will be very happy if someone wanted to collaborate doing translations! :).

    And we are also producing cassettes with the games and we hope they will be ready for purchase at the end of January! :)

    Thank you very much for your interest and hope to bring you more interesting news soon! :)

  2. Thank you for letting us know :) I look forward to the date of play!


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