Faye King : Jungle Jeopardy - Point and click adventure set for Jan 2015 release

Imagine being a pilot for hire accepting assignments with no questions asked, then crash landing into a jungle and injuring your paying customer. You'd probably go and get help right? That's exactly what has happened in Faye King : Jungle Jeopardy, the latest announced point and click adventure from Two Tales. Developed in that lovely old graphical style, like an original Lucasart adventure, the developers are set to release the game for PC - Jan 2015!

I for one can't wait, I just hope they release it on even more platforms... Perhaps the Amiga!

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  1. Well, "like an original Lucasarts adventure" it looks indeed: The progagonist's graphics seem to be ripped of directly from Indy 4 - seriously, why didn't they even change the colours of Miss Hapgood's - eh, King's clothes? Main "inspiration" for the locations seem to be from Sierra's QfG. I don't know if it's intentional, but as much as I love the old adventures, I definitely don't like this kind of "reminiscences".


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