Grubz (Worms Clone) Preview for C64!

Last month we gave you the heads up over a retro remade dungeon crawling experience in the form of "Eye of the Beholder" for C64. But there's another game that may appeal to a much wider audience that's also being remade and it's Team 17's "Worms" or as the developers are calling it Grubz. Developed by Singular back in March 2004 as an early preview, this homebrew version looks visually impressive as both a modern game as an 8-bit and bringing back that Worms game play style. So far only Forever 5 has been released which features 3 levels, c64/keyboard/joystick players, and bazooka only. The full game will be distributed by Protovision when it's ready.

Grubz runs on stock C64/C128 with 1541. Both PAL and NTSC video standards are supported

  • 2 screen multicolor AGSP scroll with open top/bottom border.
  • 16 sprite multiplexer with interlacing (only if really necessary) and splitted hires/multi sprites.
  • Particle effect for explosions.
  • Possible to play agains 1 or more computer players.
  • Keyboard, and 4 player adapter supported.
  • Fast math routines, movement of weapons/worms with wind calculated.
  • C64 version with illegal opcodes and C128 2 MHz support on border for optimal speed. SCPU version works everywhere, but is expected to run with 20 MHz.
  • Currently 2 weapons: bazoka and dinamit.
  • Experimental ethernet support for local network game using two computers (TFE and RR-net works, ETH64 planned)
  • Simple sound effects, random placement of worms and changing wind.
Still to do:
  • More weapons
  • More levels
  • User interface
  • etc.

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