Super Mario Fusion: Revival - Crazy retro inspirational platformer! (Recommended)

There's probably not one person out there that doesn't like Mario, as it's one of Nintendo's best selling franchises. So it would be crazy to turn it into anything other than Mario, but that's pretty much what CapnCoconuts and team has done with Super Mario Fusion : Revival. Made in Game Maker with a modified Hello Engine 4 , this crazy fusional platformer takes the best bits of Mario and mixes it up with settings and worlds outside of the Mario universe such as being able to use the Metal Slug SV-001 tank. Even though the game is currently incomplete (currently version 0.5), it certainly impressed us!

  • Multiple mounts! Ride a Yoshi or Chocobo, hop around in a Kuribo's Shoe, or cause mass destruction with a Metal Slug SV-001 tank!
  • Multiple worlds! When you're done with the Mushroom Kingdom, you can visit an alternate Earth, haunted seas, a hellish plane (why this game isn't for kids), a fantastic realm, and the depths of space!
  • Multiple characters! Mario and Peach are currently available in normal circumstances. Bowser is playable in special "Bowser Rampage" levels which a stronger emphasis on combat.
  • More than 100 levels!
Future versions will have:
  • A save system (for now, use the Page Down key to automatically clear levels or the I key to toggle the drag and drop debug feature).
  • A complete overhaul of the Mario 3 graphics (we've made some progress with tiles, but we've still got a ways to go in this)
  • An overhauled Bowser Rampage system.
  • More playable characters.

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