Orion Trail - Oregon trail in space gets rapid greenlight

Way back in the mists of 8-Bit computing was a little game on the Apple II that was meant to be a somewhat educational game teaching you about the perils of frontier American life. Oregon Trail aimed to teach kids about the real life experiences of heading out on the real Oregon Trail which according to just about anyone who remembers playing it, meant dying of dysentery in new and exciting ways... Orion Trail is taking that formula into SPAAAAAAACE!

You select your mission, ship and crew from a ragtag bunch and are then led on your space voyage, encountering space weasels, mysterious black hole entities and other threats to which you have to respond with one of 3 options which each carry a cost or benefit in food, fuel, personnel or hull, with the outcome being determined by your crew's skills and a bit of random luck.

Orion Trail's pixelly artwork is very reminiscent of original Star Trek and also has clear references to other sci-fi works, and it's accompanied by a nice chippy soundtrack (although the demo version is a very early build done for a gamejam and all very subject to change)

OT has literally just been greenlit by the steam community, which is amazing given it only went on to greenlight on Dec 23rd!

This is well worth keeping an eye out for when they finish and is as retro inspired as it gets!

See the greenlight page here (already lit)
Orion Trail official website (demo available here)


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