A Landlords Dream - Sci-Fi adventuring MAGS entry

LostTrainDude and team have just released the latest free sci-fi adventure for your enjoyment. Staring Abel Lowen, a string shaper, after awaking from a less than peaceful sleep, you must discover why nothing is working in this strange sci-fi realm of futuristic detail and technological advancement.

Featuring great sci-fi detail, great characters and a nice story, this is one of the better games to appear in the latest MAGS entry. A Landlords Dream also features 320x200 resolution which is up-scalable and fine music which really suits the sci-fi setting. The only thing lacking in this free adventure, is a full voice over, but the game really does feel like it could be right at home with Beneath a Steel Sky fans.


  • LostTrainDude - Design, Coding, Music
  • Kastchey - Art, Design
  • CaptainD - Brainstorming Help, SFX, Proofreading

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