The Legend of Kyrandia - Westwood's incredible adventure now available for the Amiga CD32

Have I got a treat for you Amiga CD32 owners as Earok as released the next game in the CD32 line up and it's none other than Westwood's incredible adventure title 'Legend of Kyrandia'. Play as Brandon, who must defeat the evil jester Malcom after he murdered King William and his wife, Queen Katherine, then regain the Kyragem to save the kingdom.

In my opinion The Legend of Kyrandia is one of the great adventure titles, it oodles charm, high quality detail and great presentation. From the great UI screen to the lush landscapes. One such magazine, Computer Gaming World in 1992 even described The Legend of Kyrandia "as a cross between Loom, King's Quest V and Secret of Monkey Island 2", that's how good this is. Thus this is just another Westwood great and goes to show that Westwood were full of great ideas from Adventure games such as this to RTS games such as Dune 2.

  • Cover, backing and label: Cobe
  • ISO Master: Cobe
  • CDXL Conversions: Cobe
According to Earok, Cobe has gone the extra mile on this one. Not only does it fully support saving to NVRAM, but unlike the other NVRAM supported games on the site, you don't even need to quit in order to make the save. You still need to save in the regular fashion, but afterwards just press the "Play" button and the first save slot will be preserved in NVRAM. In addition he's converted the animated intro from the PC DOS version, featuring the voice acting talents of Kane, the leader of our glorious brotherhood of Nod Joseph D. Kucan as the protagonist, Brandon. And then there's all the other bonuses, which include:
  • CD Quality audio track from the PC DOS version (which plays over the selection menu)
  • Readme guide
  • "Random way to die" CDXL videos
  • Game maps, viewable from the selection menu
  • And of course, you don't need a mouse - joypad by itself is fine. Cobe has even included the ability to enter a "binary" save file name if you don't have a keyboard handy.
Website ( Use chrome or turn off adblock to download )

For those of you who want to download the PC version the entire series is available on GOG
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