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In 1993 Microids and Software Toolworks released a brilliant strategy game called Ultimate Domain (Genesia) for the Amiga. It was very similar to other classic strategy games of that time, as you started in the 17th century and had to colonize the new world, but also having to search for 'The Seven Jewels of Genesia'. It was one of my most favourite games of all time and I was very pleased today to get the news that a new Indiegogo campaign has begun for Genesia Legacy; a re-imagining of that great game.

Genesia Legacy will be a complete graphical overhaul of the original while featuring brand new ideas from the Amiga release and banging it up to a more modern standard. The developers Thomas Zighem & Evelyne Devleminck (Artist) are aiming for a €6,019 goal, Steam Early Access (alpha) release in Q3 2015 and the final release of a digital version of the game (Windows, Mac OS X & Linux) via Steam or DRM-Free at the end of 2015.

Features : 
  • Turn-based strategy and management game in a beautiful living world!
  • Start a new life: send your troops explore unknown territories.
  • Expand your territory: train your settlers to survive harsh seasons and weather.
  • Build! Have your architects build fields, barracks, taverns, workshops... They have dozens of construction plans.
  • Keep a balanced ecosystem: Will you protect or damage the environment? Your actions have an impact on the world.
  • Combat epidemics: Find remedies, brew potions. Achieve scientific progress!
  • Meet historical figures: William Walace, Richard Lionheart, Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo, Blaise Pascal, Jane Shore, Marco Polo and many others...
  • Will you be a tyrant? Will you plunge your people into war, spread terror, practice slavery and develop weapons of destruction in order to accomplish your quest?
  • Or... Will you be kind and wise?
  • Procedural world generation: You will never play the same game twice. High replay value!
  • An elaborate and detailed game with a coherent ecosystem.
  • Retro graphics: undeniably charming.
  • Up to 3 players in hotseat mode.
If you remember Genesia then you are in for a treat with Genesia Legacy, lets just hope the Developer delivers a fantastic re-imagining of a fine classic.

Indiegogo Page

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