Ruzar - The Life Stone - Dungeon crawling for your Steam Greenlight votes

Every time a dungeon crawler is announced I get that sense of nostalgia through tight corridors, traps, enemies and side stepping grid based movement. But for a dungeon crawler to be good, it has to live up to games such as Eye of the Beholder, Dungeon Master or the more modern Legend of Grimrock. So here we are with Ruzar - The Life Stone developed by Hammer Glass Studio, a dungeon crawler RPG game currently going through a Steam Greenlight campaign in which you play as an adventurer who needs to discover the powerful Life Stone.

As can be seen by the amount of copies sold of Legend of Grimrock, the old school dungeon crawling genre isn't dead. People like feeling trapped, moving from side to side, one step forward and one step back just to flip a switch, open a door or to find treasure. But Ruzar has many features which may make it a special kind of crawler. Just check out these listed features for an eye opener.

The player:
  • He has the ability to level up his character to the level 50. 
  • When the player completes the first play through (around lvl 20+) he can restart his game and encounter stronger enemies and better loot (similar to NG+ in Dark Soul). 
  • When you level up, you gain points you can spend in your stats. 
  • Each stat provides bonus that is directly link to the play style the player chooses (Magic, Melee, Range).
Skill system:
  • When you reach the level 10 (for now) you can start spending skill points. These points can be spent between 3 trees. Each tree contains 13 different and unique skills that are linked to the play style I talked about above. 
  • Each skill can allow up to 3 upgrades and you can, if you want, spend your points in all three trees.
The spell system:
  • You don't use glyphs. Instead you find books in the dungeons you can learn and then use. 
  • You intelligence level allows you to memorize [x] amount of spells or dispel them (a bit like D&D or Dark Soul) when you are close to a binding stone. 
  • There are 50+ spells available in the game.
  • You have the possibilities to buy or sell your loot to the merchant in the mountains. 
  • You can buy or sell potions, weapons, armor, shields, spell book and consumables.
Quest system:
  • Quest rewards with quest logs. 
  • You need to find "entity" that will ask you to grant them a wish so they can return to their home. In exchange of this service they will reward you with item and/or experience
Storage Chamber:
  • There is also a Storage system that allows the player to store his items if he has too many.
Binding Points:
  • When the player finds a binding stone he can bind to it. 
  • Like other games, the player can bind himself here in case of emergency (a spell allows the player to quickly return to the binding stone). 
  • If the player finds other binding stone, he can travel quickly from one stone to another one.
Fire Camp:
  • When the player discovers a new fire camp he has the option to lit it using a torch. When the fire camp is lit, the player regains health and mana.
  • The player has the ability to grind the creatures in the dungeons as they will reappear after a certain amount of time. The player will be able to prevent the creatures from reappearing but he needs to find how.
  • There will be 5 different themes and around 15+ levels.
Certainly impressive! But before you go ahead and vote, check out the latest video released for their Steam Greenlight campaign then go and give them a thumbs up

Currently we don't have a release date, but if it is a success you can be rest assured it will be available on PC directly through Steam.

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