Order of the Thorne & Roehm To Ruin - Infamous Quests Adventuring gets a Kickstarter

Infamous Quests are back through Kickstarter with another duo of awesomeness adventuring! The same team behind the hit Kickstarted adventure of 'Quest for Infamy' are proud to announce two new adventure titles "Order of the Thorne" & "Roehm To Ruin"! That's right, not one adventure, but two. All you need to do is get them to a Kickstarter success of $11,225 goal, which is going to be easily achievable as they are already at $8,093 with 29 days still to go.

Order of the Thorne: The King's Challenge is like Quest for Infamy in detail but will be a brand new game with a spankingly good story. The first in a planned anthology's as you assume the role of Finn the Bard, a challenger in a competition held by the King to seek out his missing Queen. Along with your magical lute, Finn must use his cunning wit and musical ability to venture forth in this fantasy quest. The King's Challenge also features fun and interesting puzzle mechanics, including the use of Finn's Lute - and a magical, music based GUI that controls spells to aid you on your quest!

Quest for Infamy, Roehm to Ruin; a prequel to Quest for Infamy which lets us see how the ne'er-do-well Mr. Roehm found himself having to flee the baron's wrath. It will be a more puzzle orientated adventure with alternative paths, voice overs, secrets and above all a challenge. You'll also be pleased to know the game will look every bit as good as Quest for Infamy in that retro style we have come to love. Plus the developers have also released a demo link, so you too can see how good it will be once released!

So with all that out the way, check out the Kickstarter and give them a pledge. Infamous Quests have never let any one down and when it comes to adventure game development, they are the top of their class.

Kickstarter Page ( Will most likely be a success by next week )

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