PuzCat - The Amiga finally gets a new game!

For the last few months if not longer, I've been thinking to myself, we have all these C64 games and ZX Spectrum titles but we hardly get any Amstrad or Amiga. Thankfully just recently not only did we have an Amstrad release with Oceano, but now Mrs Beanbag has released 'PuzCat' for the Amiga. Developed in AMOS with an 8bit inspiration, the aim of this game while playing as a Cat is to eat all the mice in a level before moving onto the next through each exit door.

Be careful though as throughout each level there are dogs that if touched will kill you and you will lose a life. However PuzCat isn't weak and can push blocks to squash the dogs or enable you to jump over them when properly placed. That's about all there is to this game and even if the graphics aren't exactly of high grade, it's still a very fun game to play and as we've come across with homebrew games on the Amiga recently, fun for all the family.

PuzCat is completely free to play as a handy harddrive installed file, with full AMOS source support in the zip for anyone wishing to modify or make changes to the game such as levels or updated graphics.

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