Solomon's Key 1 & 2 - Amiga CD32 gets two never officially released games!

After nearly 2 months of silence from Earok, creator of the brilliant Amiga CD32 ports, we now have a brand new double release for the Amiga CD32 in the form of Solomon's Key 1 and 2. Classed as guest releases, this time by Cobe, these are two special games that have never received a commercial Amiga release. Solomon's Key 1 is an Atari ST port hacked to work on the Amiga and Solomon's Key 2 is an unofficial ground up rewrite of the NES exclusive.

In regards to Solomon's Key 2, this is a NES puzzle platformer from the early 90's and you play as Dana while tasked with extinguishing all the fires in a level to proceed to the next. Similar in style to other block moving games, you can create your own ice or by kicking ice onto the fires. Both are great games and really suited to the Amiga platform, especially gamepad users on the CD32

Solomon's Key 1 Atari ST conversion: Asman and Wanted Team
Solomon's Key 2 (aka Fire and Ice) NES port: Hukka
Cover, backing and label: Cobe
ISO Master: Cobe

Cobe has also gone the extra mile with this one - SK2 progress can be saved to NVRAM, and if you've got a keyboard you can save SK1 high scores too. Just make sure you read the select screen instructions. An additional bonus, hold down RED or BLUE while the console is booting to see the Cracktro's for the two games.

Download ( Use Firefox or IE if it doesn't download )

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