Beyond Eternity Episode 1 - 6 hour adventure that's free to play!

Something slightly different today for our readers as MyEakinBack has now released his 6 hours worth of point and click adventure game 'Beyond Eternity Episode 1' that is completely free to play! Using Adventure Game Studio with what looks like characters straight out of RPG Maker, you play as two main characters that have to solve the mysterious professor disappearances at West College while picking up scientific knowledge that uncovers many pieces of the mystery

In my short play through of the game unlike most adventure titles I can't say I was overly keen, yes the voice acting and character detail is lovely, but the climate change agenda is way too forced. Right from the word go on the second character you have to watch a climate change film, then as a student ask climate change questions (Algore would be impressed). Perhaps this is the reason behind the games story, but as someone doesn't take the supposed facts from a Scientist as gospel it just doesn't interest me. Also to note the character animation and soundtrack which sounds like you are in a lift shaft didn't pull me in either and did start to grate.

But for what it's worth it's not a poor game it's just not a game that I feel I could play through for 6 hours and right to completion. Still as it's free it's certainly worth a mention, and besides you might enjoy it a lot.

Beyond Eternity Episode 1 is available to download HERE

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