NTGTFOI (Need-To-Get-The-F**K-On-It) The Game - Go on an adventure and get drunk!

Ah the days of my teenage years, going out to nightclubs and getting drunk. But there came a time when I just grew out of it and just said to myself it doesn't interest me any more. Yet that's not the case when it comes to Matt Hartley! He may be getting old, but that doesn't stop him from going out for a night on the town in TibSoft's latest adventure game NTGTFOI (Need-To-Get-The-F**K-On-It).

In this latest release programmed by Nick Barnard to commemorate the 30th birthday of his buddy Matt Hartley, NTGTFOI is created in the classic style of point and click adventures such as The Secret of Monkey Island but in a far more modern setting. Rather than being a full out gaming experience, in this drinking man's escapade of an interactive birthday card, you are tasked with going out to town, spending your hard earned dosh and getting drunk!

Yet for what's its worth NTGTFOI isn't a bad effort at all considering it only took the developer 7 weeks to create, but what the game does do is really bring home the feeling of spending money just to get blattered. It's just missing the fights, police turning up and you ending up naked in a bush!

NTGTFOI is available to download for free from Gamejolt and is only 50meg in size.

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