Rabid Mower - Crazy grass cutting simulator for the ZX Spectrum

The retro scene really has kicked it up a notch this week as there have been so many different releases it's almost been hard to keep up. We've had the recent Rick Dangerous announcement for the Atari 8bit, Skool Daze for the Amstrad and even Big Red Adventure for the Amiga CD32. Now it's time for the ZX Spectrum, as kas29 has now released his arcade like simulation of 'Rabid Mower' that is completely free to play.

Playing as an out of control mower in a one to two player game, you have cut the area of grass in the center without destroying the bushes on the sides. This is done by pressing just one button Z or M as your mower passes over the main grass! If you touch the bushes the screen flashes red and you are more than likely to end up as a complete failure.

Rabid Mower features two fantastic soundtracks, one in the main menu and one as you play the game, but what the game is lacking which comes across as an early build, is the score doesn't go up, and the stage doesn't go beyond level 1. Now I'm not sure if this is related to the Spetaculator emulator used or the version we played as the description is very vague and the supplied PDF is in Russian.

But for what it's worth if it is just a work in progress or needs bug fixes, I'm seriously looking forward to the final product. I can see my self playing this for ages as it's so easy to just pick up and play.


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