The Dizzy Fansite - Play EVERY Dizzy ZX game classic in your browser for free!

As if this day couldn't get any better, as we've just been informed on our Dizzy RetroGaming Facebook group of a fantastic way of playing every Dizzy game ever released from the ZX Spectrum directly in your browser. Thanks to a mention by Andrew Joseph you can now play all of the Dizzy games such as Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure and Treasure Island Dizzy, right up to the spin offs including Bubble Dizzy and Kwik Snax.

Each game will keep you busy for hours, full of nostalgic charm that is so highly regarded from the legends that is The Oliver Twins. Play the original 1987 8bit hit classic right up to the early 90s! Explore the realm, solve puzzles, save the yolkfolk and have a merry time reliving those childhood memories.

Available to play on our favourite site

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