Foxtail - Furry fantastic adventure aims for crowd funding

Years ago in the 90's, there was an incredible furry like adventure game called 'Inherit the Earth', which was released for specific platforms such as the Amiga, Mac OS and DOS. It featured anthropomorphic animals (Furries) with a great storyline, lovely fantasy detail and characters with their own personalities. So it came as no surprise to us after our previous feature of 'Foxtail' by Gingertips, that their gorgeous pixelated adventure of similar design became a Steam Greenlight success in just 9 days with over 300 comments and subscribers! However the news isn't just of their success, but a new Indiegogo crowd funding campaign that they hope will raise €60,000 EUR in just 30days!

In this lovely looking game, you play as the Young Fox Lea on a visit to her grandmothers, and with this, the escape of her problematic world and from her own tragic past. She will come across many amazing characters, visit over 200 strange locations, solve many puzzles all in a beautiful adventure with a fantastic soundtrack that is inspired by the greats such as The Legend of Kyrandia, Monkey Island and Kings Quest. As such I am hugely stoked for 'Foxtail', it takes the classic Inherit the Earth style and brings it into the new generation with beautiful hand crafted pixel art and animation, that if successful, may well stay in the hearts of many for years to come.

So head on over to the Indiegogo campaign and give them as many pledges as you can, because seriously, I want to play this!

PC, Mac, Linux (Standard Goal) - Android/iOS (Super goals)

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- Thanks Артём Водорез for the heads up!

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