The DizzyAGE Easter Competition 2015 winners!

What a fantastic year 2015 has been for Dizzy, as many different developers stepped up to the task of creating a new Dizzy adventure using the DizzyAGE engine. This is the 'DizzyAGE Easter Competition 2015 ' through; which began during the early part of the year, ended in June and the finalists have been announced today. In all 6 Dizzy games became the top entries, with not just some fantastic detail that even the Oliver Twins would be proud of, but great animation, sound and music. So here we go with the winners list!

1st Place - Dizzy - The Last Hero by Trz

This is possibly one of the best looking Dizzy fan games we've seen so far.  Developed by trz & Dr. Titus and available in English and Russian. This Dizzy release is really at the top end of fan based games this year if not the last few years being developed using the Dizzy Age software. It has all the charm of the original games but adds a more deadly experience with more enemies that must be avoided quickly with more challenging puzzles. Plus it also has a lot of fantastic artwork, and what will really impress you the most are the sound effects such as the rattling skeletons and laughing witches.

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2nd Place - Sunken Castle Dizzy by Simon Rice

Developed by Simon Rice you once again play as Dizzy, but this time in a trip out to the caves with the Yolkfolk, he's slipped and fallen down a deep crevasse and it's down to you to get him out before the sea rushes in and he runs out of air! From ghostly knights, to a lady seeking her loved one, this is a Dizzy adventure you'll not want to miss. Even the graphics and sound effects such as the dripping water or the groaning Ogre are just so well done.

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3rd Place - Tycoon Dizzy by Andrew Goulding (AndyG)

Developed by Andrew Goulding as his first DizzyAGE game, you play as Dizzy in a brand new story that's a joy to play and brings back those retro 8-bit days. As is the case with Dizzy, he's always getting himself into a bit of bother and this time not only has he made some bad investments and fallen victim to various scams, but he's also been evicted from his home and thrown in the debtors jail. It's down to you to help the little eggy hero out, recover his money and become a rich Tycoon Dizzy

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4th Place - Mushroom Kingdom by EgoTrip

Egotrip is back with another Dizzy title and this time it's a Dizzy and Mario mash up. Featuring some of those well known Dizzy characters and Mario enemies! Mushroom Kingdom Dizzy is developed in that 8-bit and 16-bit style, and again you play as Dizzy but this time Dizzy has blacked out after his meeting with Zaks and has woken up alone in the Yolkfolk village. You'll be playing in both the Dizzy original graphics and also a Mario landscape featuring nasty beasties and characters from the original SNES title.

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5th Annie`s Legacy by Steve Rennie (Grandad)

The 5th place winner by Steve Rennie is unlike any Dizzy game you've played before! As for the first time ever you don't actually play as Dizzy, but rather Annie. The granddaughter of a renowned archaeologist and prankster, who has died and left the house in her name. In this adventure you must search for clues and find the deeds to the house, because him being a prankster, looks to have pulled the biggest prank yet. For what it's worth this Dizzy game is very charming, it's just a shame the character looks like a transvestite Dizzy, and the music isn't of the developers own creation.

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6th Place - Daisy Wants Flowersby Steve Rennie (Grandad)

The last place winner with just 58 points was 'Daisy Wants Flowers', also by Steve Rennie. In this Dizzy adventure you have one simple task, to gather flowers for Daisy for the up coming party. What was supposed to be a simple task turned into an adventure which goes completely against Daisy's wishes. An adventure full of lots of puzzles and strange statues. It may not be the best Dizzy game we've played but it will certainly make you think.

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And that's it Dizzy gamers, the competition is over and you have all these lovely Adventure's to play. So let us know, do you agree with the voting? Is Dizzy - The Last Hero by Trz a number 1 winner? Play them and find out!

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