Double Dragon - Beat em up enhanced for the Atari 7800

In 1987-1988 a fantastic beat 'em up video game developed by Technōs Japan and distributed in North America and Europe by Taito was to take centre stage with two-player cooperative gameplay and the ability to use weapons from disarmed enemies. ' Double Dragon ' as it was titled, was one of the greatest beat em ups I've ever played on the Amiga, and it would probably come as a surprise that it was also ported over to a vast array of other systems. Today's news is the latest update release for KevinMos3's enhanced edition of Double Dragon, but for the Atari 78000 which brings it more in line with the Arcade original.

According to both the developer and Retro Video Gamer,  there have been quite a few visual changes made to make the game closer to the arcade.  While using the original sprites with filled in gaps, he has also added shading here and there with further minor tweaks. As such a blonde Billy was no longer viable and he's had to have dark red-brown hair. Other such enhancements were made to the graphics in specific areas such as the windows in the first mission. Although it's not a total overhaul, the developer felt that the game needed a touch up without completely changing the game as it was good but not amazing.

For further developments and instructions follow the discussion, and you'll also be pleased to know you can download the latest version today!

Links : 1) Discussion (Download on site)

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