Jim Power - Kick ass platformer now available for the Amiga CD32!

A great Saturday evening release is upon us, as Earok and team have now released a fantastic game unofficially for the Amiga CD32. Welcome to 'Jim Power in Mutant Planet'; an action packed shooting platformer designed by Digital Concept and first released for the Amiga, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC in 1992 and TurboGrafx-CD in 1993 (Japan).  Featuring power ups, deadly enemies, nasty spiked traps, moving platforms and different modes of game play such as side view platforming, top view and a horizontal shoot 'em up, you'll have a blast in this game as not only is it great fun to play, but the music is by the legendary composer Chris Huelsbeck!

As for the differences between the original Amiga version and this one. The original cover has been replaced by the movie actor Van Damme, a bonus game published by Loriceal, Dos remake 'Jim Power Lost Dimensions in 3D ( Packaged with Dos box for Windows ), menu screen music featuring the Amiga OST, a Jukebox mode featuring CD Quality PC Engine OST and finally, a new intro which looks too good to spoil!

Digital Concept / Loriceal
WHDLoad Slaves: Mr Larmer & MiCK, bonus game by Bored Seal
Cover and selection screen: Carl Therrien (template by Steve)
2015 Introduction:  David Bishop Noriega, Carl Therrien, Earok
ISO Master: Earok

Available to view either from the awesome source or downloadable below!

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