Skelemania - A Skeleton platformer that's great for Halloween!

Last Halloween we announced Ben Allen's 3D Mario style game of ' Super Skeleman ' in which your skeleton character could dive, back flip, triple jump and wall jump through as many as 100 rooms avoiding deadly traps. Well now it's nearly Halloween 2015 and Ben is back with his much bigger game ' Skelemania ' and yet again you are too explore a colourful underground as an agile skeleton.

Backflip to reach higher ledges, roll your skull to get under tight spaces, or dive into the unknown like a true skeleton adventurer to find a way to return to the surface. Featuring 192 rooms, 6 unlockable abilities, 10 unique areas to explore, a vast array of enemies, different frogs and a fantastic soundtrack by Ayrayen, Skelemania is a brilliant game well suited to Halloween!

Systems : PC
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