Games That Weren't & Onslaught C64 Christmas update 2015!

Oh what a time to have a C64, especially so near Christmas, as Onslaught together with Games that weren't C64 have released probably the biggest load of C64 goodness we've seen this year. It is the ' Games That Weren't Christmas update 2015 ' which packs in some rather eye opening games that have either been lost and found or cracked, fixed and updated. Games such as Flimbo's Quest Preview , Nuker Preview V2 , Worron , Wildfire Preview, Sputnik Preview, Quantarallax Preview and Firefighter Mario, all ready to be played and enjoyed.

Rather than play and review every single game, I shall post the gifs below and of course the download link and source information with everything you need to know about the release. But whichever game you decide to play, I'm sure you'll be kept busy right up until the big day and perhaps beyond!

1) Flimbo’s Quest V1 / 2

Firstly, a new Flimbo’s Quest V1 entry has been added with a slightly different title screen, game movement and sfx. Also the proper C64 files for the Flimbos Quest 2 tunes have been added.

Links : 1) Source  2) CSDb 3) Download

2) Nuker Preview V2

A glitch fixed edition, and what is the very final edition of the game has been recovered and added to the rest of the Nuker versions that have been recovered previously

Links : 1) Source  2) CSDb 3) Download

3) Worron

Richard Paynter’s long lost Firebird game that never was, from probably the last remaining copy in existence.

Links : 1) Source  2) CSDb 3) Download

4) Wildfire Preview

A very early preview of Wildfire, which is believed to be the Starlight/Destiny Software game that never was.

Links : 1) Source  2) CSDb 3) Download

5) Sputnik Preview

The legendary (and almost thought to be mythical) title has been found in believed to be its final state. This long lost Tony Gibson game is pretty wacky and sadly never got picked up by any publishers at the time to be completed.

Links : 1) Source 2) CSDb 3) Download

6) Quantarallax Preview

A game by Quantum Designs which was the beginning of an interesting Delta clone.

Links : 1) Source 2) CSDb 3) Download

7) Firefighter Mario

A long lost unofficial Mario game. Possibly released commercially (to be confirmed), it hasn’t yet been digitally available

Links : 1) Source 2) CSDb 3) Download

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