Ur-Quan Masters HD Remix - Space classic remade and freely available!

Released back in probably the best gaming years of the 90's, this space adventure/combat/RPG was an all time classic for the PC that has been un-matched by many even today, it also had a number of ports. Originally titled Star Control II, then remade by fans to The Ur-Quan Masters we then had the HD version called Ur-Quan Masters HD.  But now we have another version to play, this is the UQMHD Remix, a fork of The Urquan Masters HD (aka the hi-res version of the open-source version of Star Control II) that not only fixes many of the bugs in the HD vanilla version, but remakes it with remixed music and many more features to make the game more palatable for both new and old players,

According to the developer about the game and a little bit of history : "Join the Star Control Fleet! Explore the galaxy! Discover new and interesting unknown sentient star-faring races! And murder them! Wait, that's not right - ah, yes, I mean, form a giant galactic alliance to dominate and destroy the forces of evil! Yes that was what I meant." Star Control II is a space adventure game that features role-playing elements alongside 2D combat and space exploration. It was a milestone for early PC gaming and a huge influence on many modern sci-fi games such as Homeworld and the Mass Effect series. Many consider it one of the greatest computer games of all time.

The latest update is available to view HERE with the all important download link HERE!

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