2015 Amiga CD32 Christmas Community Compilation Special!

It's nearing the end of 2015 and what a way to go for Christmas day, as we have another Earok Amiga CD32 release! Welcome to the ' 2015 Amiga CD32 Christmas Community Compilation Special', which is jam packed full of 101 games for you load up on that godly console. Following up from last years collection of 50 games or demos recently put out by the community this one aims to be so much better with unreleased games such as Putty Squad and Mutant Leaque Hockey as well as high quality PD games such as Gravity Beam, The Game , Mr Beanbag and much much more!

As such almost every game from last year makes a return, including obscure games such as the Turkish Shadow of the Beast clone Paradise Lost, tactical sci-fi games such as Outpost Final Battle and Hostile Breed. Christmas games including the archives of the Amiga Christmas Tree , Gloom Mods with the latest update by Nitta, Amiga Demos such as JetHunt AGA, Kingdoms of Steam, Maxwell, Dylan the Spaceman, homebrew NES ports by asman (Alter Ego, Chase ), unfinished games such as the incredible looking Blaze and Stalker. And that is just the tip of the iceberg of this amazing collection!

But wait there's more........

From Psygore, another "secret" CD32 release of an AGA Platformer. Cover and controls screen by Steve, CDXL conversion by Earok. Yeh you can already tell what the game is, just by looking at the above image.... THE CIRCLE OF LIFEEEEE, yes that's me singing ;)

And lastly to go out with a bang, From Galahad, the beta CD32 release of the high quality PD platformer Solid Gold. This is a neat Jump n Run 8-way scrolling game written just for the Amiga, which features ten+ levels spanning four worlds. What's more with different graphics and enemies, you'd think this was a retail release.  Since this is a beta, please do not distribute separately as it'll eventually be replaced by a full blown release.

And that's that, hopefully that's me done for Christmas day as I wrote this article with a headache from hell, oh the joys of Christmas drinking! Have a good one all :)

Links : 1) Source 2) Download

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  1. Hello all, I don't suppose anyone out there knows of a place this can still be downloaded? I didn't have a CD32 that was working back when this was released, and I splashed out on one a couple of years ago. I'd really love to find this compilation if it's at all possible still!!

    Thanks in adavnce!!


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