Beppe Kid +3DEM 101% - Hokuto Force bug fixes a rare italian C64 game

Hokuto Force were really sneaky to get this game past our attention, as we have only just found out from one of our good friends, that Hokuto Force has released a very rare Italian C64 game called 'Beppe Kid' +3DEM 101% that comes with a huge number of fixes. In fact this game is so rare from the 80's, that most of our readers probably haven't heard of it, which is a shame as it isn't half bad.

In this yeehaw game with a cowboy hat and a fast moving horse, you play as Beppe the Kid and must ride like the wind through a harsh desert avoiding deadly birds and menacing Indians to reach the Castle to find the highly valuable Diamond. But if you think the game ends there, you'd be mistaken. As in the Castle are keys to be collected, strange chickens floating about, and letters to be joined to compose a word to access the room with the Diamond.

Now in all honesty, I actually prefer the first half of the game as it really does feel like you're riding a horse across a desert landscape. But what did make me chuckle is how high your yellow hat cowboy can jump when he needs to shoot at the birds. He doesn't just do a small jump, but one hop and he's skyward like Superman! Good fun indeed. It's just a shame the second half looks like a down grade with tedious ladder climbing and some of the weirdest floating Chickens I've ever seen.

But if you want to have a go and make your own mind up on this rare game, you can thank Hokuto Force for including a trainer and fixing a number of bugs such graphics corruptions and screen glitches, and of course making it available again for all to enjoy. - See text before game load to see what was fixed.

Links : 1) Source 2) Download

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