Chobin II +2DES - Another rare Italian C64 game fixed by Hokuto Force

Good morning gamers, the weather outside is awful, it's cold and wet, so what better way to spend the day than inside a nice warm home playing the latest C64 releases. Thankfully, Hokuto Force was on hand to help with their latest bug fixed and trainer release of ' Chobin II ' +2DES for the C64. In this rare Italian game which has has also been English translated, you play as Chobin the sailor, and after finding a washed up bottle containing the message " Bring the right object at the throne of the king of the Turks and you'll be rewarded a great treasure ', he goes on a great quest for untold riches!

The game begins with your little Sailor man at his home and must get in your boat, traverse the ocean and reach the ghostly King and bring him his objects for the most wanted of treasures. What sounds like a great game, is let down by some seriously shoddy ship controls and hit detection and generally lacklustre game play. Let's just say unlike the previous Italian game this one I didn't play very long, as even though Hokuto Force have done a good job in translations, bug fixing and helping out with cheats, it just didn't pull me in. But I will gave the game two positives, I did like each island location and the ghostly apparition and also the menu music which is very upbeat.

Links : 1) Source 2) Download (Read start screen for further info)

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