Errazking's Petaco'5 - Ear blasting Pinball release for the C64

When Errazking gave me the heads up for his new Pinball compilation release for the C64, I was just a little bit excited. Pinball on any system is one of the coolest gaming experiences, especially if you've ever played Pinball Fantasies on the Amiga! But enough about that game, this is ' Errazking's Petaco'5 ' a 6 table compilation of Pinball machines for the C64 with a stunning set of tunes by Richard Bayliss and additional programming by Maniak.

As far as a Pinball game goes for the C64, it isn't half bad and I especially like the attention to detail with each Pinball table. But what really blew me away were the tunes, they are pretty much some of the best tunes I've heard so far this year! It's just a shame that when it came to the game play, it took me ages to work out that the enter key on my keyboard and then space was to launch the ball.

So download it today, and turn up those speakers!

Links : 1) Source 2) Download 3) Twitter

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