BitLogic - 4th entry for the MSXdev’15 is an action shooter

We've put aside the C64 and mentioned the NES but now it is time for a bit of MSX news! This one is the 4th entry for the MSXdev'15, as ' BitLogic - A Cyberpunk Arcade Adventure ' developed by OXiAB Game Studio. In this game you control the character of Bit, who calls you as his master and allows you to shoot your way through the levels killing other baddies to reach an end goal, in a very virtual futuristic world.

In BitLogic you will come across many enemies that must be shot as soon as possible or you will end up being hurt and your life will slowly drop. Many of these enemies must be reached, as throughout the levels are multiple ladders which can only be used to get yourself to a different platform in the game. The only reason I mention this, is because without using these ladders you will be stuck because the character is completely unable to climb or jump, which is severely limiting, especially with enemies that scuttle along the floor.

Overall it's not a bad game and does kind of remind me of Saboteur, but being unable to jump makes it a huge flaw in a game like this... Thank fully this is still an early version, so expect more developments along the way.

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