Communist Mario 3 - A motherland NES hack of Super Mario Bros. 3

Prepare to see Mario as you've never seen him before, this time in an all new NES hack of Super Mario Bros 3, in ' Communist Mario 3 ' released by KP9000. Now when I first saw this game update I thought it was an April Fools joke as everything about it seemed so silly, I just wasn't going to be taken in ,especially as it was actually April 1st. But Communist Mario 3 is actually a real hack, and unlike the original Mario you play as Comrade Mario in a quest to extinguish capitalism that is threatening Mother Russia and the USSR.

According to the fan dev behind the game, the biggest change in the game is not being able to collect coins, as in Communist Mario 3, they actually hurt you. Other changes include the colour pallet, level facelifts, world map changes, and the technical modifications that have now allowed for a deeper implementation of the theme and style. Other such minor things have been done as noted by Romhacking is to improve and speed up the flow of the game: No game overs, faster text type speed, very little "disabled controls" time (in mushroom houses), and no goal cards- the level just ends.

For further information you can either visit the RomHacking page HERE or the main discussion and download which can be found HERE

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