Giana Sisters: Special Edition - Enhanced edition for the Amiga gets a 2nd update!

Bit of a late one this, as I was very busy at the time, but Earok, who does those damn fine CD32 releases, has once again teased the ' Giana Sisters: Special Edition ', which is an Enhanced edition for the Amiga that is currently in development. A revamp of the very well known platformer of 'Great Giana Sisters', from 1987, is getting a bit of a make over, as not only will it be using graphics ported from the DS version, but as this latest progress 2 update shows, a lot of original graphics and palettes from an artist known as Tsak.

I can't say for certain when the special edition will be available, but what I can say from my original article, is this game has huge similarities to Super Mario and as such way back in the 80's also had an alleged lawsuit case against them from Nintendo. It may not be the best platformer, some don't even like it, but it certainly has a bit of a history, and this latest version looks to be far more enjoyable.

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