Prince of Thieves - Fun for all the family NES style free PC game!

Who doesn't love a good development Jam? Especially when it's either an Adventure or in the case of the 'Prince of Thieves', a damn fine arcade PC game, with a NES inspiration. As a submission to the Public Domain Jam #3 and developed by Evandro Gomes (Fuzenrad) with graphics and music by Fabio Manna (dotCHAOS), you play as the classic hero ' Robin Hood ' also known as ' The Prince of Thieves' and must collect all the wealth of Nottingham, that has been stashed by King Richard the Lionheart, with no care for the poor people of Sherwood Forest.

If you love Arcade games and loved playing on the NES, then Prince of Thieves is just the game for you. All you have to do in this family fun title, is hop from platform to platform, grab all the treasure bags, while also avoiding or shooting arrows at the enemy soldiers wondering about the screen. But be careful, with every new level comes more difficult enemies, a time limit and a hazardous change of scenery.

This is a lovely game to play and listen to, it really gives those NES vibes and brings back days of playing at the Arcades. It doesn't just play like a classic title, but it's smooth, easy to control and has a very nice retro styled soundtrack. Well worth a download I'd say!

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