The legend of Daisy : A Diz To The Past - Zaks is still being a pain in another Dizzy fan adventure!

If the other Dizzy game gave you the urge to go on another adventure, then how about 'The legend of Daisy : A Diz To The Past' (Legend of Zelda?), developed by Andrew Goulding (AndyG), which was only just released for the PC as a demo! In this game, just like the last one, Zaks is being a real annoyance, but unlike before, Zaks has stolen all of Dizzy's gathered money and declared himself emperor of a police state. It's down to you, to put a stop to him, which may involve a bit of time travel.

If you loved the classic styled Dizzy games with lots of different designed rooms, characters to talk to, items to collect, puzzles to solve and the beginnings of a great story with added weather effects, then this is the Dizzy game for you. It is also the only story that I know of, whereby Zaks has actually won!

Do note however, it is only a demo so do expect a much bigger Dizzy fan game for the final release!

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