The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening DX Hero Mode - Zelda classic just got much harder!

Zelda fans stand up and take notice, as the original hit 1998 classic ' The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX ', which is a remake of the critically acclaimed 1993 game Link's Awakening, that featured colour graphics, compatibility with the Game Boy Printer, and an exclusive colour-based dungeon for the Game Boy Color, has just got much much harder! Yes indeed, you can now play The Legend of Zelda : Links Awakening DX in an all new Hero Mode, which has minor edits to the original level design, enemy placement and much more while also making the game harder and far more challenging thanks to a hack by the_icepenguin!

Rather than talk about everything that has changed in this amazing game with the latest hack, which gave it that extra difficulty, I'll just go ahead and list all the changes below. But be warned, this isn't simply an increase in enemy damage!

Changelog :
  • A few minor ASM stuff.
  • No recovery hearts or fairies can be found.
  • Enemies deal 4x damage.
  • Enemies have more health.
  • Some bosses can one-shot you with certain attacks. This doesn’t happen until the later parts of the game.
  • Some traps will kill you if you touch them. (spikes and lava and cactus for example)
  • Reduced invincibility time by 50% after you take damage from enemies. (this might not sound like a big deal, but enemies will destroy you if you aren’t careful)
  • Reduced invincibility time by 100% after you get a game over and choose to continue. (no running through stuff!)
  • Reduced invincibility time by ~80% after you use a secret medicine to restore health. (same reason as above)
  • Added many new rooms/caves! These areas were originally unused assets in Link’s Awakening, so nothing is being removed or replaced! They have been hidden in dungeons and on the world map. Try to find them all!
  • Owl statues will give new hints on the location of many secrets, but remember that not every new secret will have a hint. If you don’t want to be spoiled on the locations of secrets, then don’t read the Owl Statues.
  • All 26 seashells are required to get the Level 2 sword. Because of this, 3 missable seashells needed to be relocated. The two you get from the seashell mansion, and the one you get using the rooster by Kanalet Castle.
  • Basically, you have 3 new seashells to find.
  • You can now enter the mysterious “impossible” room in Eagle Tower! Wonder what could be in there??? ;)
  • Minor edits to the original level design. These edits are to prevent skipping ahead in certain areas, to prevent exploiting clipping glitches, or to add a few extra treasure chests.
  • All recovery hearts, arrows, bombs, magic powder, & rupee sprites have been re-used. They are now enemies, or something else. IcePenguin didn’t want to just delete them…
  • You’ll have to buy supplies at the shop if you run out.
  • A new super hidden Level 3 sword.
  • A new tunic. (with all new graphics for the sub-menu)
  • A new Trendy Game with a mystery twist!
  • No more stealing! You start the game with the stealing picture now, so you don’t have to worry about missing it.
  • Guardian Acorns and Pieces of Power are quick pick-ups now. Like a rupee or heart, you simply walk over it.
  • No more low-health beeping.
  • No more annoying text from objects when you touch them.
  • All enemy resistances are changed. For example, the hookshot might stun enemies instead of killing them. (or they are immune to it) Rediscover what items affect what!
  • A few minor changes to enemy AI.
  • New font. Closely similar to that from the Oracle games.
  • Many palette modifications. The original game had some minor issues with loading palettes in a few areas.
  • Fixed the tunic glitch from the original game when you kill a lot of enemies.
  • Trading sequence has been fixed. In the original, the code never checked if you had the stick. Tarin would always appear at the honeycomb tree, after beating the third dungeon, regardless if you had the stick or not. This fix is pretty useless, seeing how you are forced to get the stick, but now you can get the honeycomb once you get the stick from the monkey. :p
  • Fixed some typos from the original game.
Available as always from the excellent romhacking website HERE

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