Giana Sisters Special Edition - Enhanced edition for the Amiga gets new screenshots!

Way back in 1987 a platformer was released that had huge similarities to Mario, an alleged lawsuit with Nintendo, a great soundtrack and was available on multiple platforms including both the Amiga and C64. It was none other than the Great Giana Sisters, a game which if you had in your possession right now, would probably be able to sell for a rather high price! So if you remember that game, you'll be pleased to know that the previously mentioned ' Giana Sisters Special Edition ', which is an enhanced unofficial version of the original Amiga game, has been teased again with new screenshots and info.

As we have mentioned before, the Giana Sisters Special Edition is being worked on by none other than the Amiga CD32 compilation guru "Earok", and the talented art guy by the name of "Tsak". But in terms of new news, more than half of the sound effects are being ported over from the DS version, and graphics palettes have been updated to take advantage of the broader range of the Amiga (they were still plain old ST palettes in the original release) and were customised to give a better look and feel. As such according to Earok, they have manually located over 200 tiles and frames of animation in the disk image and replaced them, as well as the logo screen and title screen..

But the biggest news of all isn't just the fact the game is coming as a WHDLoad compatible release, a CD32 ISO and possibly an ADF, but there will be an enhanced AGA intro from the DS edition, with stereo music. Although the team behind this special edition has said it will gracefully degrade to ECS and/or mono depending on available RAM and chipset. (It's a wholly separate executable to the main game) - I personally cant wait!

As for a release date, so far we don't have one but what we have read is, it will be coming soon AND there is hints of a full music conversion too ( Come on Scoopex! ).

For further details make sure to check out the latest Commodore Amiga Facebook post

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