Walker - Amiga blaster classic demo'd on the ZX Spectrum

Walker on the Amiga was an incredible action packed shooter by DMA Design/Psygnosis. It was released way back in 1993 and puts you and possibly a friend in control of a giant walker like machine, through multiple time periods blasting both man and vehicle to pieces with a very powerful gun. It was such a great game to play and to look at, that I was surprised to learn this week of a ZX port by Russian coders 'Alien Factory' in 2001-9 to the ZX Spectrum (Pentagon clone)

As can be seen above it was mighty impressive what the Russian coders actually achieved with the game from the Amiga to the ZX Spectrum. It's just a shame the demo was never actually finished and thus a final version never appeared. It was also hard to find and searching deep within the internet, there is one version you can download and test from 2001. So if you do play it, do expect a lot of flaws.

UPDATE : I have just spoken to a member by the name of Maxim regarding this port and this is what he had to say :

"This is 1-man-project - never finished and... RRA (author) pass away in few years after this demo. What is most interesting - all was done on ZX Spectrum from real Amiga data. RRA use some type of amiga-emulator on Speccy - not realtime, but something like debugger. So even some logic was transfered from Amiga original."

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