Inviyya - Pre-Alpha footage of an in development Amiga Shoot Em Up

More Amiga footage today and yes it's another Shoot Em Up, is Steril707's in development game ' Inviyya '. First announced via the EAB forums in October, this Amiga game was originally started as a design exercise for himself in learning Amiga ASM by coding with the end result of creating a space shooter level with only 8 colours. Fast forward to this week however and the first and very early pre-alpha footage has been shown off, giving us a glimpse into this R-Type style Shoot Em Up.

As you can see via the video above this game has a long way to go in development, but the developer has mentioned the next steps to be implemented include a scrolling trick method, background playfield scrolling, player ship and enemy blitting into the playfield, level progression scripting and even boss fight designs. As soon as we get a better view of the gameplay we will of course let you know, but for now, please make sure to check the discussion thread for further developments.

Links : 1) Discussion

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