Welcome to the story of the Commodore Amiga by Nostalgia Nerd

It's nearly time for bed but have I got an early morning surprise for you! If you want to know more about the Amiga, it's historic story and how it become the legendary system that it is known as today by many retro heads such as myself. Then you really should watch Nostalgia Nerds latest Youtube Part 1 video of ' The Amiga Story '. According to Nostalgia Nerd, who is well known for making great retro system reviews and stories, This episode deals with the "up" part of the story, and takes place during the 1980s. It charts the conception of the Lorraine machine (that would become the first Commodore Amiga), the early years and team spent working on the machine, the buyout of Atari followed by Commodore, the launch of the original Commodore Amiga machine (later renamed the Amiga 1000) and the subsequent Amiga 2000 and Amiga 500 machines which conclude before 1989 is out.

Coming in at over 50mins in length this video is most impressive indeed, and if that wasn't enough Nostalgia Nerd is also doing a part 2 in which he will look at the 1990s, when the Amiga peaked and then fell to its regrettable demise.

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