Defender of the Crown - Extended Collector's Edition by Cinemaware Retro - Unboxed!

When I was a teen in the 90's I was a massive fan and collector of the Cinemaware line up on the Amiga such as Defender of the Crown, It Came from the Desert and my all time favourite Wings. But even though a remastered edition of Wings was later released on the PC through a successful Kickstarter campaign, I have still been eagerly awaiting the collectors edition of the Defender of the Crown released by Cinemaware Retro for multiple systems including even the Amiga CD32. Thus today in my hands are "TWO" Defender of the Crown Extended Collector's Editions, both signed with one of them opened up just for you.

This was and still is one of many all time classic games by Cinemaware that are loved still to this day, but it's great to see that the developers have released this incredible Medieval Strategy game as an all new collectors edition filled with mighty goodies including CDS that work not just on your home computer, but even the CDTV and CD32. Although it is a shame it didn't have any Amiga floppies to play with, so I'll have to make do with the original Defender of the Crown stashed between each massive box.

Comparing these boxes to the other games released by Cinemware, you can certainly see just how many they did and each one plays like a Hollywood b-movie, yet unique in game play and style. So it's rather difficult to say which one is the best for me, but if they were rated, Defender of the Crown would be the number 1 game, with It Came from the Desert 2nd and Wings 3rd.

Saying that though, there is a reason I rate Defender of the Crown so highly compared to the others, that's because it is a glorious game indeed whereby you'll relive a defining moment in the Amiga's life time, as you play through medieval gameplay of conquering, tournaments, and damsel rescuing that set a high bar in stunning graphical presentation, which has been even further improved box wise in this amazing extended collectors edition.

Opening the box up finally, you'll receive not one but three CDS, with many of the versions playable on your home computer such as the C64, NES, Amstrad CPC emulated or if you load up the CDTV/CD32 CD on original hardware. Three colorful postcards taken from within the game, a large circle sticker, a big Defender of the Crown poster, a manual with historic references, instruction leaflet, and a very big thank you letter from the main Cinemaware Retro man himself Sven Vößing.

For any Cinemaware fan or for anyone that remembers playing Defender of the Crown on any of the listed systems, this is a must have box for your collection. The amount of stuff that's been added to this box really makes the purchase worthwhile. Yes I know it has taken many many months to get here and it was due awhile ago, but the wait has been well worth it. If you couldn't afford the original Amiga game and more especially the CD32/CDTV version, then this is the box to own. In actual fact the feedback has been so positive not just from me, but from others too that the Defender of the Crown – ZX Spectrum limited Edition is up for pre-order, with other games in the line up as well!

What a fantastic end to 2016 and a massive thanks to Sven Vößing from Cinemaware Retro for these boxes of awesomeness. Now if only I had a CD Rom drive and an Amiga CD32

Links : 1) Order ( limited stock ) 2) ZX Spectrum limited edition 3) Twitter

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