UFO : Enemy Unknown - A real retro gaming gem as an Amiga/PC playable trained version

With the announced come back of The Company.PL there has been much excitement as to what Amiga games were going to be made playable on the PC that didn't require any fiddling about with emulation and sometimes dubious rom findings. The unofficial release site has been for sometime one of our go to sites as they on many occasions also include trainers in a one click exe file. Thus today a rather famous game has made a appearance and this one is Microprose's amazing turn based strategy UFO: Enemy Unknown.

UFO: Enemy Uknown is an incredible Strategy game developed by Mythos/Microprose and released in 1994. It is regarded as one of the best games of all time with the aim of the game to take control of a X-Com organisation to fight off aliens invading earth. You can build new rooms, manage your organisation with each unit given their own weaponry and kits, send of fighters to tackle UFO's, bring them down for an isometric battle, and then best of all learn more about the enemy, their species, mutated creations, and technology to be beneficial to your own! Certainly a worthy game indeed and even more so for gamers that require just the odd bit of cheating thanks to the inclusive trainer.

v2.5 to v2.6 update features/fixes

+ changed CD32 RIP to AGA version
+ added intro from CD32 version
+ protection screen removed
+ added trainer +1
+ fixed saving game
+ fixed black screen errors
+ and more...

Systems this game made an appearance on : Amiga, Amiga CD32, DOS, PlayStation, PC

Links : 1) Amiga Version " Files NOT hosted here " 2) Steam PC version 3) GOG PC Version 

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