Zepton - A Third person 3D Zaxxon - On Pico-8!

I'm constantly being blown away by the awesomeness that's coming out of the Pico-8 community. every time I think I've seen all this little restricted platform has to offer, something comes along to blow it out of the water! This time, after what seems a lifetime of testing on twitter, BBS user Rez has created a Zaxxon-ish clone, but also made it third person! quite a feat for a system with no actual 3D rendering pipeline baked in.

The gameplay is very similar to the venerable classic, where you have shoot or missile oncoming enemies that are ravaging the scenery below. you have to control height and lateral movement just the same, but the third person view means the enemies are coming right at you and your HUD has an aiming pip which turns green when you are in line to shoot with bullets, or close enough to lock a missile on.

Of course as the 3D/Voxel engine takes so many of the available resources, there's isn't a massive amount of varied gameplay with only endless runner/higher highscore being the sole goal, but it's still a fun and stunning use of the platform nonetheless.

Zepton is playable online on the Pico-8 forum through your browser (mobiles included now too!)
or you can download the cartridge from the same place for your install of the Pico-8 virtual console or load it from within P8 via Splore mode


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