Foundation - Amiga CD Settlers style game gets a DamienD special Amiga release [UPDATE]

Ever since 1993 I've always had a soft spot for that classic game ' The Settlers ', there's something about the game that makes it highly addictive, whether it's the managing your own village, mining for minerals or conquering the lands around you that pulls you in. So to say I was disappointed that Settlers 2 never came to the Amiga was an understatement, at least until ' Foundation ' came around that is. You see Foundation was supposed to be like Settlers 2 and was to give it a run for its money, the problem was Foundation was and still is an Amiga CD only game, at least until today anyway. Because as of today as per our request, DamienD has converted the Amiga CD version as a fully runnable file on a real Amiga without the need for a CD-Rom drive!

Of all the games I've wanted to play as I never did on a real Amiga, was the 1998 Strategy game 'Foundation' developed by Paul Burkey, which supports both AGA and RTG Amiga's. It has many of the features that made Settlers 2 great, such as managing your buildings, your resources and of course your little citizens which go about their daily chores. Furthermore the game has many missions with different lands that you must traverse and develop on, but it's just a shame that this is the original Amiga CD version and not the latest.

According to DamienD the latest update misses the sound and music on the intro as a converted LHA file so it's using the older 1.12 version for sound and music. Also it doesn't seem to be the GOLD version, which incorporates the patches as well as the directors cut and undiscovered land mission pack. Still putting that aside I am overjoyed this has been released as a LHA file, as now I can unpack it directly and finally play it on a real Amiga!

Remember guys and girls you heard the news here FIRST! :)

UPDATE : As of today 14/04/17 , you can now download all four foundation updates once again converted/packed by DamienD for testing on a real Amiga without the need for a CD Rom Drive. So that's version 1.12, version 1.20, version 1.27, and FoundationGold_UPD1.51.lha now available in the directory linked below.

Links : 1) Source 2) FTP Server "~Uploads/DamienD/LHAs"

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