Gunfright Ultimate Edition - Ultimate Play the Game classic is ported to the C64, C128 and Plus4!

If you were an Ultimate Play the Game fan in the 80's, then this latest news which has appeared in our inbox will blow your mind, as the Ultimate Play the Game classic of ' Gunfright ', has been fully ported over to the C64, C128 and Plus4! Through these last few years we've had a number of conversions and ports already, such as Pentagram for the Atari 8bit, then we had Pentagram ported to the C64. But now here we are again with another port, as this time Gunfright from 1985, which appeared on the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and MSX is now fully C64 playable by Rod & Emu!

According to the team behind this conversion this port is based on the excellent Z80 to 6502 conversion for the Atari 800 done by Mariuszw. Alot of the game uses CPU power, with the only hardware sprite used on the title screen. In fact the C64 version is about the same speed of the Amstrad and MSX versions, while the C128 version is about the same speed of the Spectrum original. The Plus4 versions speed sits between the C64 & C128 versions. But that's not all, as this game also has a great SID tune and SFX, which has been supplied by Saul cross of RGCD.

There's a far more detailed write up under the listed comments on CSDb, but in terms of the actual gameplay. You play as the Sheriff in the town of Black Rock and must take out all the bad guys that have appeared in your town. Once one of the main wanted evil do'ers have been shot, you must fight them in a duel and the reward is yours. Just be careful not to do what I did, and kill everything in sight, as most people are just your average citizen walking about trying to enjoy peace!

So load it up retrogamers, this is one seriously good conversion and again comes as C64 news first from Indie Retro News

Links : 1) Source 2) Download

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