Shadow of the Beast 1-3 - Psygnosis classic trilogy unofficially re-released as Amiga-PC/MAC playable files

Another great day of writing for Indie Retro News as Gamesnostalgia has made available the PC playable files of an Amiga hit trilogy 'Shadow of the Beast 1-3', which even today if you can find the originals is a must have in any collection, especially if you can find the T-Shirt found in the first Amiga game! In regards to this trilogy of awesomeness, these three games were released from 1989 to 1992, published by Psygnosis, and whereas the first game featured not just revolutionary graphics for its time with up to twelve levels of parallax scrolling backdrops and an atmospheric score by David Whittaker, the sequels were composed by Tim Wright.

Shadow of the Beast, more especially the first one, didn't just appear on the Amiga however, it also appeared on the Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Mega Drive, Master System, Atari Lynx, FM-Towns and even the TurboGrafx-CD which is shown in the footage above. But one thing the game footage isn't showing you, is according to many via the LemonAmiga website, although the game was highly regarded in the technical and atmospheric aspect, it can be very tedious and the difficulty is extreme.

But at least if you've never played it, or want to experience it again without the hassle of setting it up via an emulator, you can download each version and run them straight away thanks to Gamesnostalgia.

- Please note we don't host any files here including Roms and Gamesnostalgia does use FS-UAE -

Links : 1) Shadow of the Beast 2) Shadow of the Beast II 3) Shadow of the Beast 3 4) AmigaCD32

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