Break/Space - Procedurally-generated space strategy game for the 48K ZX Spectrum!

Putting aside the Atari games it's time to mention Blerk's ZX Spectrum game ' Break/Space '; a procedurally-generated space strategy game for the 48K ZX Spectrum that has recently been compiled under Boriel's ZX Basic. This game was originally written for the 2017 Spectrum BASIC Jam, but the recent version been compiled into 100% machine code for a slicker gameplay experience, that is also much nicer to play.

In Break/Space you control a space ship that has ended up trapped in an uncharted region of the universe after a terrible accident due to an experimental warp drive that has gone wrong. You must travel through the uknown region and find the four warp cores (jettisoned during the accident) and then return to the rapidly closing wormhole that brought you here in order to get back to warp speed and back to Earth. But be careful as just like in Star Trek, you're not the only ones out in Space, and some of these other Alien races could either be friend or foe.

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